8 Places to go in Taiwan

One XiMenDing Spending your mornings at XiMenDing may not be the most brilliant idea. I didn’t quite adore the place when I arrived at my AirBnB apartment at 9am. All the shops were closed and you might see cockroaches scurrying around. It wasn’t a pleasant first impression. However, you may expect a complete change in […]

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8 Foods to eat in Taiwan

Night markets are common in a busy and bustling city. After a long day at work, there is nothing better than treating yourself to some amazing food. Tourists alike, Taiwan will be a great place to be if you enjoy indulging yourself with beautiful sceneries and abundance of delicious food. Why would you have to choose if […]

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Things to do in Tokyo

Although Tokyo is a fast paced and modern city, there are many tourist spots that will give you the flavor of Japan’s traditions and culture. Besides shopping and eating, there are several places with scenic views that you can visit.

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