Things to do in Tokyo

Although Tokyo is a fast paced and modern city, there are many tourist spots that will give you the flavor of Japan’s traditions and culture. Besides shopping and eating, there are several places with scenic views that you can visit.

For a once in a lifetime experience, you can rent a kimono at Asakusa.

Even though there may be many places for Kimono rentals, it may be difficult to find one that is affordable and at your convenience. Click here for my recommendation! 🙂


One advantage of renting a kimono rather than buying a set is that the owners could help you to dress up appropriately. A simple mistake in the way you wear your kimono could mean something negative like attending a funeral!


On the downside of wearing a kimono, you will get unnecessary attention that may intrude your privacy. While strolling around the park, both foreigners and locals alike would try to take photos with you. For more respectful strangers, they may ask you kindly and take rejections gracefully. However, some others are extremely inconsiderate by grabbing your arm and pulling you into the picture. If you’re uncomfortable with that, I would suggest going with a guy or being extra rude (ward off rude strangers by being ruder!).

Otherwise, it’s pretty fun and I still recommend everyone to go for it!

Visit Tokyo DisneyLand/DisneySea

There’s nothing much for me to talk about except the fact that it was raining when I went. Also, one of the famous rides had broken down while my friend and I queued for almost 1.5 hours. However, the staff would kindly provide an express pass for the next ride to compensate for the time wasted 🙂


Other than the rides, I would really like to emphasis on the amazing performances at the theatres. I really enjoyed the broadway show with jazz performers!


The food is pretty good too


If you were to visit in Spring or Autumn, it’s absolutely necessary to visit the parks in Tokyo. I had a great time in Yoyogi park when I visited earlier in spring. It has an amazing view during the cherry blossom period and the Starbucks located within the vicinity also has cherry blossom flavored drinks specially for the season.


No trip is complete without a bit of shopping. While Shibuya and Odaiba house expensive brands, Harajuku has plenty of trendy and cheap fashion lanes that sells really cheap stuff. If you’re an anime lover, Tokyo station has a small Pokemon centre, Sanrio outlets and many stores that sells anime collectibles.

However, most shopping malls in Tokyo has slightly short operating hours. Even in Shibuya, the malls would open at 10am and close at around 8 to 9pm.

20150313_132943_HDR 20150313_140050_HDR

You can also get your fortune taken at Shrines and Temples. If you’re lucky, you can even witness traditional weddings that take place at Meiji Shrine.



Or else, you could also plan your trips like me to fit in concert dates. As a concert addict, it will be extraordinary experience to watch a performance at Tokyo Dome. Not only would you enjoy your concert, there are also some places to visit around the vicinity, such as a mini amusement park and a food place that sells amazing Takoyaki.

20150314_061527 20150315_190848_HDR

For Gundam lovers, Odaiba has a huge Gundam figurine and at specific time intervals, it may shoot laser beams and rotate its head.


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