5 Activities to do in Seoul

Fun Fact: Seoul is 605.2 kmĀ² and is the world’s second largest metropolitan area. Despite having a dense population, Seoul has plenty of attractions to visit and activities to do. Based on my experiences in Seoul, here is my list of top 5 activities to do. Before I could go on, I would like to […]

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10 Foods to eat in Seoul

Seoul is a food paradise. It’s not just about kimchi, but many other awesome food that you should try out during your visit! If you’re travelling alone or on budget (just like me), this post would definitely be helpful for you as it covers slightly expensive to extremely affordable food you can eat.

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Travelling to Seoul alone

Seoul Embracing both its modern ideologies and traditional roots, you could find possibly everything that you wanted within the city. With soaring skyscrapers and historical destinations,from street vendors selling local delicacies to a pot of piping hot ginseng chicken soup, it’s a city full of amazing surprises!

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